Schubert Systems

Thanks Dirk, Troy, Logan, Mickie G., Clint, Steve, and all, for the years of great sound.  And, for the Gamble EX 56, you all are truly amazing!!

Audio Electronics

Thanks Dr. Harley and Susanne for keeping the electrons flowing!!!  We wouldn’t be operating without you!

David Featherstone

Thanks David for the restoration of our 1922 9’ Baldwin Concert Grand and for keeping her in tune.

Fred Hill

Thanks to Fred Hill, out of Nashville,  for the maintenance on the Neve.  He is truly the best!!

Steve Smith

Thanks Steve for the maintenance on the Studers.

Audix Microphones

Thanks to Cliff Castle and Phil Garfinkle at Audix for their constant support over many years. Thanks, guys.

Tradition Guitars

Thanks Willie Smith and  Rusty Bickford for our Jerry Reed Signature Pro Tele with Trem King whammy bar & our 5 String MTB250 Bass.

Amalfitano Pickups

Thanks Jerry Amalfitano for the PAF Humbuckers they are amazing!!  They sound so good and creamy.  We feel Amalfitano is the best, don’t fall for imitations!!


Thanks Dave Cowles at GHS / Rocktron in Battle Creek Michigan, for the friendship and the strings.