Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor w/ Pappy & “Archer”

“As  a  Producer  and Engineer, I have recorded in the supposed best studios in the world – New York, L.A., Nashville, London, Paris, Australia, India, Houston, Memphis, Atlanta, Muscle Shoals,  etc. – but; for me, none of them compares to “Palmyra Studios(at the ranch)”, outside of Palmer Texas (near Dallas). As you drive into the gate and down the winding ranch road passed the old barn you feel the restraints and the pressures of the chaotic world fall away like loosened chains – - once inside, – the peace, comfort and tranquility, not to mention sanctuary of the surroundings, is only superseded by an incredible sonic atmosphere – a way station on the Chisholm trail of your creative masterpiece – an artist’s time/space suspended creative sanctuary. With the most laid back and accommodating professionals in the business, truly, Palmyra is my first choice in recording studios.”


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“I Need”

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“Wild Roads”

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