1969 Class A, Fully Discrete, Neve 8038

w/Uptown Automation.  Original owners: Abbey Road Studios (London), The BBC, and “The Who”.  She lives in Palmer now…


Tape Machines and Digital Recorders




(2) Studer A-800 MK III 2″ 24-TRK  Tape Recorders






Ampex ATR-102 1/2″ 2-TRK Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex ATR-300 1/2″ 4-Track  Tape Recorder   

Original Owners – The Everly Bros. (1957)    Thanks Chris & Joanne

Ampex ATR-440-C 1/2″ 2-TRK Tape Recorder

Ampex ATR-700 1/4” 2-Track Tape Recorder



Nuendo 4.0 Digital 5.1 Surround System:

w/Dual 2.8 Ghz Processor w/ 2GB RAM

(3) RME-ADI-8-DS 8-Channel A to D, D to A Converters

Rosendahl Nanosyncs DDS

Audio Clock and Video Sync Generator

Emagic Unitor 8 MK II MIDI Interface

Panasonic 3800 DAT

w/Apogee PSX-100 24 Bit A-D, D-A Converters

Tascam CD-RW-402 Dual CD Duplicator/Burner

Tascam DV-RA1000HD – High Definition Audio Master Recorder


George Augsburger Dual-15″ Main Monitors 

with TAD Drivers and Super Tweeters. Powered by Bryston 4B-ST (lows) and Hafler Trans Nova(highs) w/ George Massenburg Crossovers and White E. Q.’s

Vintage Tannoy Gold SRM-12B Nearfields

w/Master Lab Crossovers, powered by a vintage Class A Crown DC 300

5.1 Surround System:

(3) Dynaudio Acoustics BM-15 Front (L,C,R) Nearfields

(2) Dynaudio Acoustics BM-10 (L.R.) Rearfields

Dynaudio Acoustics BM-10 Active/Powered Subwoofer

All powered by Crown.

(3 pair) Yamaha NS-10M Nearfields

JBL 4206 Nearfields


Outboard Equipment

(2) Texatronics LA-2 Tube Compressor

RCA BA-6A Tube Compressor

(3) AMS RMX-16 Digital Reverbs

Eventide H-3000

Lexicon PCM-70

TC Electronics TC2290 Digital Delay

Yamaha REV-5

Yamaha SPX-90

(2) Neve 2254 Compressor/Limiter

Tube Tech LCA-2B Stereo Tube Compressor

Summit TLA-100A Tube Compressor

(2) dbx 566 Stereo Vacuum Tube Compressor

(2) dbx 160X Compressor

(2) dbx 266-Stereo Comp/Gates

(6) Schubert/Gamble 6 Band Parametric EQ

(4) Ampex ATR 300 Tube Mic PreAmps

Urei 546 Stereo Parametric EQ

Klark Teknik DN514 Quad Auto Gates

Antares-ATR 1a AutoTune Pitch Corrector

Sans Amp PSA-1-Guitar Amp Modeler

BBE 822 Sonic Maximizer





(2) Telefunken U-47′s (Matched Pair)

(2) Neumann U-87′s

(1) Neumann U-67

(1) Wunder Audio CM12

(2) AKG-414′s

(1) AKG D-112

(2) Audio Technica 4055

(2) Audio Technica 4050

(2) Audio Technica 4051

(2) Beyer M-88

(6) Audix CX-111-Large Diaphragm Condenser

(3 Matched Pairs)

(2) Audix CX-112-Large Diaphragm Condenser 

(Matched Pair)

(4) Audix D-4

(3) Audix D-3

(2) Audix D-2

(2) Audix D-1

(2) Audix SCX-1 Condensers

(4) Audix OM-5

(1) Audix Fireball-Harp Mic

(5) Shure SM-57

(1) Shure SM-7

(2) Sony ECM-50

(1) Electrovoice RE-20

(1) Sennheiser-421







1922 Baldwin 9 ft. Concert Grand Piano 

Solid 2” Mahagony with Boesendorfer Action. 

Custom Restored by ‘Sir’ David Featherstone.






1957 Hammond A-100 Organ 

w/Leslie 122A Tone Cabinet and Guitar Pre-Amp





Fender Rhodes Electric Piano




Wurlitzer Electric Piano





1856 Mason and Hamlin Pump Organ




1882 WM Knabe Upright Grand Piano (restored)

Dey Mandal-Harmonium

Evolution 64 Key MIDI Keyboard

Roland Super JV-1080 Synth & S-330 Sampler


Bass Guitars/Amps

‘78-Gibson RD Artist Bass

The 1st Active Electronics Guitars

70’s Fender Precision Bass

Washburn-AB-20 Acoustic/Electric

Fretless Bass

Tradition 5-String Elec. Bass

Daisy Rock Heart Bass

Sunn Coliseum Bass Amp

w/2 K-151 JBL 18″ (full range)Speakers

Fender 1-12 Bass Amp

Peavy Combo-115 Bass Amp



1956 Gibson J-45 Acoustic

Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Danelectro Electric Guitar

Takamine-12 String Acoustic/Elec. Guitar

50’s Harmony Acoustic Guitar

1979 Fender Stratocaster

1970’s Victoria Electric Guitar

Tradition Jerry Reed Custom Elec.

60’s Fender Vibroverb

80’s Fender Deluxe

80’s Fender Blues Jr.

Vox Valvetronix-2-12” Amp

80’s Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Rock Pro 1000 Amp w/4-12” Celestion Cabinet

Music Man-2 12” Guitar Amp


Pappy’s Bass Rig



Stig O’Hara’s (The Rutles) Pearl Masters Custom Maple Drum Kit

Here being whooped by Les Falconer of Keb Mo’s band. Thanks, Les, you da man.





1935- 28” Ludwig Kick Drum aka “The Big Guy”.

Perfect if you are looking for old school New Orleans, or Led Zeppelin style drum sounds.






1970’s Sonor 5 Piece Rosewood Drum Kit (The Jazz Kit)




D.W. Pacific 805 10” Snare Drum

1978-Ludwig Maple Snare (14”x8”)

1970-Whitehall Chrome Snare(14”x5”)

Handmade African Drum from Namibia (thank you C.C.)

LP Aspire-Congas

LP Bongos


Assorted Percussion:

Washboards, Shakers, Raintrees & Thunderboards, Ooo-Gah Horn, Tamborines, Flutes and Penny Whistles, Bells, Music Balls, Music Boxes, Chinese Meditation Balls(bells), a large assortment of Noise Makers, Whirlygigs, Hootchie-Whats-its, and Chrome Kanuters gathered from around the planet over my last 46 years.