Dallas based D’Drum rehearsing with Stewart Copeland on his original piece for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Engineer Chris Bell with the next 8 week #1 hit record by Erykah Badu with Common(I want your hat) dropping by to say hi.

Sittin’ at home with “the boss”, taking some down time. 

Chuck Rainey and friends working on Chuck’s solo album.

Pap and Derek Trucks. We met a couple years ago and have been bouncing off each other on the road ever since. Not a more soulful show than the Tedeschi/Trucks band.

Pappy and Chuck hangin’ out in Austin.

Chuck Rainey and Bernard Purdie swappin’ stories on some of their 4000 hit records… and it was a long afternoon.

Buddy Miles convalescing by gettin’ back on the kit to play on Chuck’s album after his heart attack. We love ya Buddy. 

Bugs & Family

Bugs with the Palmyra Angels on “She’s Shinin’ Again”.

Billy Jo Shaver & Bugs mind melding over “Why Can’t I Write Like Billy Jo”.     

Did you see that?

Now there’s a pair worth talkin’ about.

The kids.       

Lyle Lovett’s singers. From left to right, Sweet Pea Atkinson, Ray, Francine Reed, Pappy, Arnold, backstage at the Greek with Bonnie (LA).

Halloween at the Prairie Home Companion show with my nurses, the Wailin’ Jennys.

Tailgating Dave Hewitt’s mobile truck with Don Was and Ed Cherney for Bonnie’s Live Road Tested album at the Paramount in Oakland. 

Reggie “water volleyball is for wimps” McBride (Keb Mo’s band)

The Mannster!!!!

Here’s Les Falconer of Keb Mo’s band whoopin’ Stig O’Hara’s(The Rutles) Pearl Masters Custom Maple Drum Kit. Thanks, Les, you da man.

Josh Weathers working on new tracks.

Lance Lopez, Wes Jeans, and Tyler Dow Bryant hanging out during Tyler’s first album. 

The Strange Boys burnin’ through pack #41 on the first day of recording.

Ramblin’ Jack at SXSW with The Strange Boys… move over kid. 

Was that a C# or a Db? 

Lindy Hearne, Lynn Adler, Terri Hendrix, and Lloyd Maines during Lynn’s solo album “Bird on a Wire”.

Andy Timmons on fire… say no more.

Sam Taylor, Bob Gentry, Jamie Oldaker workin on the Turtles’ album.

The Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks. A live shot taken right after cutting tracks with us.

Edgar Winter and Big Luther Kent singing out front of the Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks.

Blackhorse and Point Blank at the benefit show for Stevie Hill of Bloodrock.

Dave Natale. We met when he was mixing Tina Turner and I was mixing Chris Isaak. This picture is from the Stones tour he was mixing with Bonnie opening.

Rocky Athas and Jim Gaines mixing Rocky’s album.

Tommy Young… “the more you talk about catfish, the better you look”.

The Palmyra Angels. Misty, W.T., Benita, and Pappy. 

Pop and son taking in the sunset at the Gorge by George, Washington on the Lyle and Bonnie tour.

Pop and sis in a Maui kind of mood.

The drummer doesn’t share… need I say more? This is Anvil!